SEO may not be that difficult to understand or implement for an entrepreneur. However, it may still be a matter of time for a non-specialist to understand fully. SEO falls under two categories: white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Apparently, brands do not want their customers to know about these categories. However, everyone looking forward to starting their business or implementing an SEO strategy in their ongoing business’ marketing department must know the difference between white and black hat SEO.

Entrepreneurs who are about to hire an SEO company to provide them with SEO services first must understand what white and black SEO is and the simplified difference between them.

Let’s understand what white hat SEO is

Experts say that if a brand is in its initial stage and wants to grow, then it must opt for the white hat SEO strategy. A brand can easily gain a higher rank in a search engine’s rankings by implementing a white hat SEO strategy in its online marketing campaign. Simply put, brands can improve their online visibility stats and can easily crawl up the ranks of a search engine’s SERPs.

A professional SEO agency provides SEO services to their clients. Both white and black hat SEO strategies are included, and it is up to the brand that which strategy it opts for. White hat SEO strategies are laid by Google itself, and here are a few techniques used in the white hat strategy.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is all about writing a blog for another website that will eventually link back the traffic on that website to the client’s website. Guest blogging is a major part of any SEO strategy and is included in various professional SEO services. People are always on a hunt for some new content, and it is the best way of generating organic traffic for your website. All you need is to write blogs for another website and get all the traffic backlinked to your website.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the most important part of the white hat SEO strategy. High ranked keywords perfectly blended in content can easily help a search engine place a higher SERPs website. SEO services include this feature in their package. SEO Companies do keyword research for their clients to get good traffic on their website.

User experience

The user experience is a very important factor in a white hat SEO strategy because that is where the user engagement starts. A user will stick to a website’s content if it finds its visuals well-organized and appealing. SEO companies providing SEO services to their clients ensure that search engines such as Google likes the UX design of their clients’ website and makes users stay on the website for a longer duration.

Mobile-friendly website

Everyone these days wants services and products promoted by brands on their palmtops. People want to receive promotional content via ads and emails on the go. It is more convenient this way to approach the customers even for brands. SEO services ensure that their clients’ websites are mobile-friendly so that their customers and prospects can have a good look at their promotional content on the go and thus increase the chances of conversion for them.

Let’s understand what black hat SEO is

Black hat SEO, as the name indicates, is the wrong approach for a brand to crawl up the SERPs. In black hat SEO, agencies bug the algorithm of a search engine, and that’s how they gain higher places in the SERPs for their clients’ websites.

Black hat SEO techniques that you must avoid at all costs are: Cloaking

Cloaking means displaying different content to a search engine, something that was not displayed to the users. SEO agencies providing such SEO services that include black hat SEO strategies use cloaking to gain a higher place in the SERPs for their clients’ websites. The quality of content being displayed to the users differs from what’s being displayed to the search engine.

Keyword stuffing

The practice of keyword stuffing still does the trick for websites on some search engines. Websites of various brands get that online visibility just by increasing the keyword density in their content.

Link farms

A search engine places a website higher in the SERPs by checking for the number of backlinks it has. Websites are placed higher if they have more backlinks, and that is where black hat SEO plays its trick. It uses more backlinks from the link farm to increase a website’s ranks in the SERPs.

Publishing trash content

Publishing trash content on a website and adding invisible keywords to a website is forbidden by many noteworthy search engines like Google. SEO services might include this practice in their SEO packages; however, this technique isn’t legal.

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