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A brand might be trying too hard to crawl up the SERPs by creating quality content for its website and conducting in-depth research on the keywords but still might not succeed. That is where SEO agencies, especially in regions like Mississippi, where brands need to be very careful with being updated in their SEO campaigns, come into play. Suppose a brand is finding it difficult to crawl up the SERPs even after these efforts. In that case, they should consider the importance of backlinks.

Know the type of backlinks and their importance from Mississippi’s leading SEO agency

Backlinking is the process of linking the content of a website to some other website’s content. It increases the page authority of a website by linking it with high ranked pages.

There are mainly two types of backlinks

Do follow backlinks

Websites with a ‘do follow’ link are actually referring Google to a certain webpage that they want to be crawled. Websites with a ‘do follow’ link for a webpage claim the authenticity of their content and take full responsibility that none of the information on their webpages is bogus. SEO companies consider ‘do follow’ backlinks as an important factor in the SEO campaign.

No follow backlinks

‘No follow’ backlinks are used for those pages of a website that a business does not want to be crawled by a search engine. The purpose of these backlinks is to make some pages of a website that are irrelevant in terms of SEO, ghost to the crawlers. These pages have no value when it comes to search engine optimization. SEO services in Mississipi often advise their clients as to which of their website’s webpages should include ‘no follow’ links and which shouldn’t.

Importance of backlinks

Tells Google you exist

By connecting your website’s content to another website with the content of greater authority, a brand can make its website more visible to Google and hence their viewers. One of the major purposes of hiring an SEO agency is to make your website exist for search engines like Google. It is easier for Google to index webpages with more backlinks.

Works as Google’s reputation management tool

Search engines like Google have their algorithms to rank websites. These algorithms are continuously checking websites and crawling through their pages for quality content and high ranked keywords. Backlinks are essential in deciding a website’s place in the SERPs. Content having backlinks on other websites with high page authority is automatically considered credible content by Google. Those websites have higher chances of appearing first in the SERPs.

It is one of the reasons why backlinking services are included in an SEO solution.

Referral traffic

If a user surfs through a webpage and finds many links to a marketing agency’s website, there are high chances that they would visit that website at least once. That is referral traffic. A user getting referred to a website by another website with high authority. Brands generate huge amounts of traffic on their websites through this method, and these services are also included in SEO solutions of Mississipi’s top SEO agencies.

Boosts your credibility

Backlinks are undoubtedly one of the best ways of showing the credibility of a website. Suppose a user searches for some product or service online and finds a list of brands offering those products or services. In that case, they will always go for brands with the highest number of positive reviews and customer recommendations. That is what backlinks do to a brand’s website; they increase the credibility of a website. That is why SEO companies consider backlinking as one of the most important factors in boosting a content’s credibility.

Simple ways to get backlinks

It is a common thought that anything that is of extreme importance in a process is also difficult to implement. Yes, backlinking might be a bit tough technique to learn at some point, but that is where SEO companies come into play. SEO agencies in Mississippi have listed some easy ways of getting a website’s content backlinked.

Brands must ensure that they have a strong presence on various social media platforms, and all those links should connect their target audience with their website. A website’s content must be updated regularly with relevant information. A few brands also hire SEO agencies that do guest blogging for other websites to include backlinks for their clients’ websites. There are many other ways to make backlinking easy for websites, and SEO agencies in Mississippi carry the task of doing that quite efficiently.

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